In Norman, Oklahoma, where local community sports, University of Oklahoma athletics, and nearby professional teams abound, sports play a big role in many lives. While sports activities offer numerous health benefits, they also pose a risk of injuries. That’s why physical therapy in Norman focuses on treating sports-related injuries as a top concern.

Why Physical Therapy is Beneficial for Athletes

Participation in sports places considerable stress on the body. Elite athletes often push their physical limits in the quest to be the best. This zeal can sometimes lead to injuries.

However, injuries aren’t confined to just high-level athletes. Those participating in sports at the collegiate and professional levels usually take preventive measures to avoid injuries. On the other hand, recreational athletes might not always be as prepared or trained, potentially putting them at an even higher risk for injuries.

Two Types of Physical Therapy for Athletic Injuries

There are generally two categories of physical therapy targeted at sports injuries. The first is preventive therapy, aimed at helping athletes steer clear of injuries. For instance, many injuries occur when joints are extended beyond their normal range, potentially causing tissue damage. Physical therapy can work on enhancing flexibility to provide a greater range of joint motion, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, therapies can focus on muscle strengthening to ward off strain injuries.

The second category is rehabilitative physical therapy, designed to help athletes recover after sustaining an injury. A severe injury can be career-ending and can impact other aspects of life. The goal of rehabilitative therapy is to help the athlete get back to their pre-injury condition, or as close as possible to it. Even if complete recovery isn’t possible, therapy can at least help minimize the impact of the injury on the athlete’s overall quality of life.

Effective Treatment Options

So, what can you expect from a ‘physical therapy clinic near me’ if you’re an athlete? The treatment you receive depends on whether your focus is preventive care or injury rehabilitation.

Orthopedic physical therapy is often the primary treatment for sports injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. Therapists may also suggest a specific exercise regimen that focuses on the neuromuscular or cardiovascular systems to boost stamina.

Manual therapy, which involves hands-on techniques, can be used both for rehabilitation and for preventive care. It aims to speed up the healing process and improve muscle function and mobility, thereby helping to prevent future injuries and enhance overall performance.

For sports-related injuries in Norman, it’s advisable to consult a local physical therapist experienced in treating athletic injuries.