Khloe Kardashian is relentless when it comes to her fitness and dietary routine, and it’s paying off; she’s shed approximately 35 pounds.

“Khloe is as committed to her workouts as they are to her,” says her Beverly Hills fitness coach, Gunnar Peterson. He says that Khloe’s remarkable physical transformation comes from a varied workout and intense focus. “Each workout session is different. Sometimes it’s cardio-heavy, other days we focus more on lower or upper body. She’s always up for the challenge.”

As for her diet, Peterson noted that Khloe has made smarter food choices. “She’s mindful of her eating habits, focuses on sleep quality, and stays hydrated. And as she continues to improve, our workouts get more challenging.”

And yes, Khloe refers to her fitter self as her “revenge body.” “It’s my answer to those who’ve labeled me ‘the chubby one’ all my life,” she says. Her workout regime consists of a comprehensive routine performed two to three times a week on nonconsecutive days.

Many people believe they don’t have the time to exercise, but Khloe shows you can fit it into your daily life. Rather than an hour-long cardio session, small, consistent lifestyle changes can also deliver results. For instance, research shows that cutting just 100 calories a day can prevent the average yearly weight gain of 1-2 pounds.

Here are a few everyday tips to stay in shape:

  • Stand more; it burns more calories than sitting.
  • Opt for stairs over elevators.
  • Be active during phone calls.
  • Even standing while watching TV can make a difference.

Remember, you can gain moderate fitness benefits from small but consistent changes. It’s not always about cutting calories; sometimes it’s about burning more.

Khloe recently made headlines with her photoshoot for Complex magazine, flaunting her weight loss. She clarified that her physique wasn’t the result of digital alteration, even posting an unedited picture to prove her point.

Her fitness inspiration? None other than Beyonce. “After seeing Beyonce’s Met Gala dress, I have all the motivation I need,” says Khloe. Beyonce keeps her figure with a vegan diet, according to her trainer, Marco Borges.

Khloe has been posting photos of her toned body on Instagram, revealing that her weight loss secrets include a dairy-free diet and regular, rigorous workouts with Peterson. He praises Khloe’s commitment, saying, “She’s transformed her body completely, in the best way possible. She’s worked hard for it, and it shows.”

While she has received some laser treatments to reduce cellulite, Khloe affirms that her body transformation is all natural, attributing her weight loss to a diligent diet and exercise routine.