Khloe Kardashian is relentless when it comes to her fitness routine, maintaining a rigorous exercise regimen and a disciplined diet. She’s reportedly shed approximately 35 pounds as a result.

“Khloe is as committed to the gym as it is beneficial to her,” says Gunnar Peterson, her Beverly Hills fitness trainer. He continues, “Our training sessions are designed to continually challenge her mentally and physically. She never misses an appointment. Depending on the day, we focus more on cardio or on different muscle groups.”

Peterson notes that Khloe’s transformation isn’t just physical. “She’s also revamped her diet and sleep patterns and has increased her water intake. The continuous hard work is yielding great results, which has further motivated her.”

Khloe herself admits that this body transformation could be viewed as a form of ‘revenge body,’ especially against those who’ve body-shamed her. Her fitness routine includes a variety of exercises, performed two or three times a week. “You can try her workout yourself,” she suggests.

Time constraints often serve as a barrier to exercise, but Khloe proves that you don’t need to devote hours at a gym to maintain fitness. Simple, consistent lifestyle changes can also be effective. For instance, merely cutting 100 calories per day can prevent the typical annual weight gain of 1-2 pounds.

Here are some effortless ways to incorporate fitness into your routine:

  • Stand more during your workday. You burn more calories standing than sitting.
  • Use the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • Make phone calls while walking.
  • Forego the TV remote and get up to change the channel, perhaps doing a few quick exercises during commercials.
  • Park further away to get in extra steps.

Khloe explains, “The idea is to make daily accumulations of exercise, instead of viewing fitness as an all-or-nothing proposition.”

As for diet, Khloe says it’s about making better choices. “If you cut out just 200-300 excess calories per day from your diet and combine that with about 300 calories burned through exercise, you’ll be well on your way to weight loss,” she says.

Recently, Khloe revealed she’s lost about 35 pounds during an interview on an Australian radio show. She says the weight loss has become “addicting” and that she feels encouraged to continue.

Khloe has previously emphasized her weight loss success is due to a dairy-free diet, extensive workouts, and waist training. Gunnar Peterson echoes these sentiments, saying, “Khloe’s transformation is truly commendable. She’s worked incredibly hard to achieve her physique, and the results speak for themselves.”